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The Maze Runner review by ANIZ FILMVALA

The Maze Runner

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A sci- fi action thriller film ‘The Maze Runner’ directed by Wes Ball, based on James Dashner's book ‘The Maze Runner’ is the first installment of this series.

Well the world has faced one more catastrophe produced by the sun coming more closure to mother earth the result a challenge to the humans in how to survive the horrendous situation.

The film opens with a cleverly crafted scene with astonishing sound design where Thomas [Dylan O'Brien] is dramatically transported by a mysterious organization known as W.C.K.D.  In a strange location called Maze where he is been sent for confinement with other existing inmate of Maze.

Thomas and other prisoners are similarly in quandary of who has been the force behind their traumatic chastising; the race begins to solve the mystery behind the door which opens every morning giving challenge to every runner to find a way out to escape but nobody can cross the jumble of the confusing Maze.

Thomas and his cohorts have to cross the mystifying walls of Maze which has the deadly Grievers guarding the borders as nobody can flee easily.

The novelty lies in creating the Maze with excellent production design and the situation when one of the mates tries to escape while racing with the time out of shutting the doors of the prison, it will leave you flabbergasted

Unnerving and gripping with steady trepidation of will they make it or not? Surely can keep you on the edge of the seat.

The climax is baffling as it leaves midway of the rescue to be continued for a sequel to come next.

Dylan O'Brien as Thomas
Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt
Kaya Scodelario as Teresa Agnes
Ki Hong Lee as Minho
Will Poulter as Gally
Aml Ameen as Alby
Blake Cooper as Chuck
Alexander Flores as Winston
Jacob Latimore as Jeff
Chris Sheffield as Ben
Dexter Darden as Frypan
Randall D. Cunningham as Clint
Joe Adler as Zart

Patricia Clarkson as Chancellor Ava Paige

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