Friday, 26 September 2014

The Taurani brothers unique way of helping the state of Jammu and Kashmir!

The recent floods in Kashmir have left the entire country devastated. Nothing can compare to the tragic loss of human life and it is a time for the nation to unite and help out in every way we can.
The Taurani Brothers of Tips Industries Pvt. Ltd feel terrible about the situation. The corporate house has devised a unique way of ensuring that they can help those in their time of need. With Diwali round the corner, Tips Industries Pvt Ltd invests a hefty amount in Diwali gifting to their near and dear ones. This year, they are choosing to do something very different. Tips Industries Pvt Ltd will be donating the entire amount that goes into Diwali gifting to the Prime Ministers National Relief Fund.

The Hindi Film Industry always comes together in tough times and does all it can to ensure they are helping society in every which way. Therefore, we can be rest assured that more people from the industry are bound to follow suit!

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