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Two Night Stand reveiw by ANIZ FILMVALA

Two Night Stand

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‘Two Night Stand’ a rom – com directed by Max Nichols and written by Mark Hammer is an inspiring insight into the fast lane of today’s youth yearning to kill the boredom even if it’s just one night stand but if it goes beyond that is it love or lust ?

 An unattractive recluse Megan [Analeigh Tipton] is perturbed by her fellow roommate Faiza [Jessica Szohr] who’s on a wild date with her boyfriend but needs more space for their lusty weekend.

Faiza quarrel’s about her private space leaving Megan with no choice but to fancy a date online with no inhibitions about the perfect match left for her. Her exploration for a quick pick leads to one profile of Alec [Miles Teller] which catches her fancy. A video chat is enough for her to decide on a one night stand with Alec at his apartment.

The next morning leads to chaos as Megan feels affronted about a remark on her moral value which Alec whispered In half sleep leaving Megan exasperated to leave the place in panic but the huge snowfall of the New Year Eve disgruntles her exit and she has to hold for one more night at Alec’s apartment. In consequence it’s her Two Night Stand with Alec.

What is mainly interesting is their pleasurable word war and not the lovemaking which generates the engaging mood to watch such genre movies, making it idiosyncratically different from the run of the mill stuff.

Miles Teller as Alec
Analeigh Tipton as Megan
Leven Rambin as Daisy

Jessica Szohr as Faiza


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