Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Krishika Lulla Best Woman Entrepreneur of the Year

Krishika Lulla Best Woman Entrepreneur  of the Year.Though her films have won awards in the commercial category across functions, it was a special moment for Krishika Lulla as a producer when Journalist Association of India decided to herald her as the Best Woman Entrepreneur of the Year at the recently held 21st JAI National Awards at New Delhi.With films that range from being star studded affairs to niche quality outings, the USP for Krishika's work stays on to be various genres being explored.SaysKrishika, "I'm truly privileged for this recognition. It's been a wonderful journey last few years. I'm absolutely enjoying my role as a film producer and an entrepreneur.  It's been a challenging yet fulfilling experience. I am honored my work has been recognized and thank the Journalist Association of India for the award."

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