Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Online Shopping for Sidharth Malhotra

Displaying Sidharth Malhotra.jpgSidharth Malhotra has been on a shopping spree.

The versatile actor has undergone a complete look change for his upcoming next film, Brothers.

Sidharth has pumped iron and put on a lot of muscle weight due to which he has had to change his wadrobe – big time.

Interestingly, Sidharth has converted into an online shopper in the process. The young actor is very tech savvy and has taken to online shopping.

He spends his free time browsing through various portals and his online shopping carts have been snowballing.

Sidharth usually does not get time to step out due work commitments, so he spends time at night or in between work to shop.

Also, stepping out to retail stores often gets difficult due to security reasons so shopping online has become convenient option for the young star.

Sidharth has been buying his clothes, accessories and shoes online.
In addition to time convenience he figured that there is more variety online as you can check more options and also at better prices.

He has been spending huge sums but Sidharth does not mind it because the quality is very good and he can also get things from international brands which are not available in India.

Sidharth, infact been recommending shopping online to his close pals.

Sidharth says, “Yes I have been shopping online lately. It is convenient, saves time and there are more options available as well.”

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