Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Esha Gupta strongly believes in being fit and strong and doesn’t endorse cosmetic brands.

Esha Gupta is quite a fitness freak and she’s known for her fashion sense and style. The actress believes in keeping it simple and natural when it comes to her skin, discarding the use of cosmetic products which promises glowing skin.
The actress recently took to Twitter to show her displeasure against some racist comments made by a politician, who had passed derogatory comments about the dark complexion of a community. “I don’t know why we are so obsessed by ‘white’ colour and why we give so much importance to that. We can’t let a child ever grow up being confident by discriminating him or her on the basis of skin colour,” wonders Esha.
Esha is proud to have recently rejected a fairness cream endorsement in spite of being offered a whopping amount. The actress, who made a special appearance in Baby, finds the use of botox to enhance body features completely obnoxious. “It’s not that I have issues with botox. I might do it myself but if you have everything going for you, then why you do you need an image makeover or an image that’s unattainable,” questions Gupta.

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