Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Care World TV’s YouTube Channel Posts Record Breaking Numbers

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Mumbai: Care World TV, the largest healthcare satellite channel in Asia is now also the leading healthcare network on YouTube. With five online channels and more in the pipeline, Care World has touched the two lakh subscriber base and has crossed a stunning twelve crore views on YouTube. The healthcare channel plans to digitalize its content and has already partnered with some of the top content leaders in the digital sphere to expand its presence in this space.

The new move is in sync with the channel’s effort in reinventing itself to be widely accessible to anyone and everyone across the healthcare spectrum. Care World TV has partnered with Shemaroo Films, Rajshri Films and Culture Machine for digitizing its content. The network will continue to focus its efforts on the digital platform to remain competitive and provide accessibility to its audience.

“Our aim is to revolutionize the healthcare sector and as a channel, a medium we understand that we can play a pivotal role in doing so. For seven years, as a satellite channel we’ve successfully connected the medical community with the masses. Now we want to walk with the times and explore the digital medium to be further effective in accomplishing the task. If it is any indication, the huge subscription base we have garnered on YouTube and which is increasing each day, taking steps to digitalize the platform seems only logical,” says Mr. Ajit Gupta, Managing Director, Care World TV.

Care World’s YouTube network presently has five channels that are online and their URL extensions can be searched for as Beauty Mantra, My Food Court; Love, Sex and Drama (LSD), The Daily Doctor and Care World Events. The channel is due to add the latest channel FitVit – your personal trainer, in the near future.

“All our YouTube channels are unique and address various subjects. Care World helps you become a better you with Do-It-Yourself videos covering everything from exercise, diet; and healthy living to style, makeup and fashion tips. All these programmes are meant to appeal as personalised content to the viewer and so we’ve maintained the highest quality of recording and streaming the shows. We are sure, this will not only enrich the audiences’ experience but also will set a new audio-visual benchmark in the field of healthcare,” says Mr. Ashok Singh, Creative Head, Care World TV.

“After creating these channels on YouTube we also plan to launch one more off line content channel on Daily Motion. Yupp TV and Roku TV are already running HD version of Care World TV. Care World’s future plan is to integrate all YouTube channels to one mobile application for easy accessibility to all our viewers around the globe,” concludes Mr. Gupta.

About Care World TV: CARE WORLD TV, Asia's only Satellite healthcare TV Channel, emerged as the need of the hour by fulfilling a vacant niche, has successfully completed 7 years of disseminating health related information to the masses thus bridging the gap between the functionary and the beneficiary. Keeping in tune with the boom in the healthcare Industry with constant changes, in trends, development, research, the channel has introduced various innovative shows with exclusive content. The content is produced in its Mumbai involving experts from the industry has generated viewers in India, Bangkok, Pakistan, Nepal and many more Asian countries. Care World is available on all major Cable Networks across the country and also can be accessed on Videocon DTH.

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