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Deepika Padukone personification with a class.

Deepika grows to be multi lingual.
Deepika Padukone believes in learning and growing with each film
She indulges in self development.
She has undertaken many lessons and tips to enhance her character in many movies.
For her latest release Piku, Deepika took lessons to learn Bengali, also worked on her accent and pronounciations.
This highlights the level of perfection the actress delivers in her films.
She invests time and energy to make sure her verbal skills are polished..
Previously. she took it upon her to perfect her Urdu accent and pronunciations in Om shaanti Om, she also went on to learn and voice Tamil dialogues for Chennai express.

Deepika’s ethnic connect!
Deepika though having a modern appearance is a true Indian at heart.
She believes in praying before leaving the house or commencing a journey.
She also finds solace and peace in visiting religious places.
Deepika shares to have found peace at the river side of Ganga in Benaras and confesses to spend some alone quality time there after wrapping up her shoots.
She points out enjoying the peace and solace the place possessed.
In the past, Deepika has been seen visiting the Ajmeer sharif dargah at Rajasthan and Mumbai’s Siddhi Vinayak temple.

Deepika hopes to explore India by medium of her film.
With every film, Deepika Padukone grows.
All her films mark her to be an exceptional actress.
Deepika has been known for doing varied roles.
She has been venturing into different territories with reference to her work.
From North (Yeh jawaani hai deewani) to South (Chennai express) to East (Piku) and Ram-leela from the west.
Deepika has covered it all, geographically and commercially.
Recently for the shoot of Piku, Deepika got a chance to explore Delhi, Calcutta and Varanasi. While shooting she spent quality time exploring the places.
The actress feels that through her film she has been able to explore the most beautiful parts of India.
She is fascinated with the various lifestyles and cultures followed in urban and rural India.

Deepika toughens up!
Deepika is regarded as the most understanding actress by her co-workers.
Deepika is one of those actresses who works as a team player.
 She does not like to fuss.and sticks to her prescribed schedules.
Miss Padukone, is regarded as a touch actress as she manages to deliver her best in extreme climates and other problematic situations.  .
She is knoiwng to be a solution provider.
Deepika being a calm and composed individual prefers to be a part of the solution rather than being the problem.
She is admired largely by her crew for her courteous nature.

   Deepika feels responsible!
Deepika is of the view that all her performances portray her as an Indian in the eyes of the world.
She feels responsible to represent the nation and also by promoting her movies and their respective contents around the country and worldwide.
Deepika strives to deliver her best, and works really hard to portray the character and enhance its positive elements.
In her latest release, Deepika is shown exhibiting an underlying message for today’s youth i.e. to take care of parents as children when old age strikes.
She makes sure to endorse positive ideas and causes to have an impact on the youth and to create awareness.

    Deepika rules hearts internationally.

 Deepika Padukone‘s latest release Piku has won her a lot of appreciation nationally and globally.
She has won applauds from not only the audiences but also co-actors and critics.
Deepika plays a daughter to Amitabh Bachchan in the movie.
She beautifully portrays te role of a daughter by being a mother, doctor, nurse and a friend to her 70 year old father.
The heart touching chemistry between the duo has received housefull audience presence worldwide.
In the first three days of the release, Piku managed to earn 25 crores.

Deepika reigns cinema beyond Friday.
Deepika has established herself as a commercially viable actress.
Her movies have proved to shatter box office records and set new trends.
Her acting skills add an all new dimension to her role in the movies.
The recent past has witnessed Deepika to indulge in a quantifying number of movies.
 Her latest release Piku has been entertaining audiences from all walks of life.
The movie received family audience with a blend of youth, who collectively enjoyed Piku’s content.
The movie continues to receive the much deserved love from its audiences and Deepika being the lead protagonist reigns theatres beyond the weekends.

Deepika is expressive and how!
Deepika is adored for her dusky looks and expressive eyes.
This wide eyed beauty communicates with her eyes and woes her audiences.
She is known to have portrayed multiple roles that have touched the audience’s hearts and acquired appreciation.
The audiences build a connect with the young actresses roles as she completely moulds herself in to her on screen character.
Deepika is one of the most expressive actors in the industry.
She has the ability to lighten her audience’s faces with a smile or bring tears to their eyes by her magnificent on screen presence.
Deepika was recently seen in Piku donning a Kohl outlined eyes, further enhancing them.
Throughout the film Deepika is seen using minimal words, instead she is expressing her feelings through her eyes, be it anger, disappointment, love, care, frustration or  grief the actress was witnessed putting forth all these emotions with her eyes.

Deepika gives herself competition.
Deepika Padukone is on a high these days.
The actress is the lead protagonist in her latest released Piku.
Deepika feels blessed on receiving the much deserved love and appreciation from her fans.
With every new film, this actress sets trends and exceeds her past performances.
In the past, Deepika is seen portraying various roles, she experiments with her looks and promotes self development through learning and researching for her films.
By constantly learning and innovating, Deepika believes in setting higher benchmarks for herself .
The actress names herself as her biggest competition, she is of the opinion that one should strive to be better with each passing day.
The actress has been appreciated for her performances since her first release Om shaanti Om.
Deepika’s fan base grows with each new film.

Deepika proves to do complete justice to what has been served to her.
Deepika doesn’t consider her work as a task; instead the successful actress worships her work.
It is a common fact that Deepika is a workaholic!
The actress lives by the principle, “Work is worship”
She has been living out of a suitcase for the past many years, being committed to her work.
Her work tops her priority list followed by her family.
She believes in doing complete justice to her character by researching and delivering her best.
Deepika terms her work as fun, and looks forward to consuming herself in it.
Deepika’s work commitments never seem to take a backstage, after wrapping up Piku’s schedule; Deepika is seen preparing for her future release ‘Bajiroa’

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