Saturday, 23 May 2015


 Nandita Singgha who has already created history by becoming the first woman entrepreneur at the age of 13, has now stepped into big time movie making too with four films MID-DEY.J RETURNS, MEGA CORP ( in English) and RED. She has 2o offices all over the world and her Hong Kong based company are in talks with renowned writer-director Neeraj pandey ( A WEDNESDAY,  SPECIAL 26, BABY fame) of Friday  Filmworks and  Shital Bhatia for a joint collaboration for making five films with a corpus funding of Rs.250 crores ! Besides filmmakig, Nandita is also a popular advt. shorts maker and her latest advt. 'Onnum Pariayade' on Panasonic mobiles has created big waves as the mobile company has ru out of stock with the excessive demand from customers after viewing this advt. 

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