Friday, 29 May 2015

San Andreas review by ANIZ FILMVALA

 San Andreas

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Directed by: Brad Peyton

Cast: Dwayne Johnson.Carla Gugino,Alexandra Daddario,Ioan Gruffudd,Archie Panjabi,Paul Giamatti & Kylie Minogue.

Well the citizens of California are waiting for a major earthquake along a fault in California where the North American and the Pacific tectonic plates meet and slide past each other, this fault has been predicted for many years as ‘San Andreas’.

Though there is a tradition of Disaster Movies coming from Hollywood Studios ‘San Andreas’ doesn’t stand tall to any of the preceding The Day After Tomorrow (2004),Deep Impact (1998), The Impossible (2012),The Perfect Storm (2000),The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and many have been made and still many to follow the suit.

Present generation disaster movies can only be out of the ordinary if it has great novel use of the CGI with minimal duration and more focus on a great narrative with a fantastic cast and performance.

Yet again what we see in this latest edition of such movies is a very weak story idea which revolves around a family affected by the major earthquake. Chief Ray Gaines search-and-rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) is navigating the destruction site from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save his daughter Blake Gaines (Alexandra Daddario).

Absolute disappointment in all the section of making a spectacular visually appealing film, my thumbs down for this popcorn entertainer. 

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