Friday, 29 May 2015

​Star-studded ​Indian debut of New Zealand's new treasure​ -​ the​ ​Zes​​pri SunGold Kiwifruit​!

​, ​
​May 28​
, 2015
The who's who of Mumbai
​F&B world ​
made their way t
​ ​
​ ​
for the
​ official Indian​
 launch of 
​the deliciously sweet and juicy Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit​. 

Present were 
​Ms. ​
Kalki Koechlin, Celebrity Chef 
​Mr. ​
Ranveer Brar, Ace Nutritionist 
​Ms. ​
Pooja Makhija 
​Zespri's Regional Manager 
​(MEIOA)​ -
Mr. Ben Huges and 
​Zespri's country manager - India ​
Mr. Ritesh Bhimani 
amongst many other​
 prestigious guests
. ​
10 years in development, Zespri 
​ Kiwifruit is 
ull of vitality, juicy, golden-fleshed 
​and a ​
new variety 
​that ​
has a refreshing sweet taste 
​perfect for the Indian pal
​ It is thus no surprise that everyone loved the fruit at the launch! 

A video presentation was the perfect start to the evening and 
​the fruit was unveiled amidst much admiration, fan fare and a huge round of applause. 
One of the highlights of the evening was a​
 unique cook-off session where Chef Ranveer 
demonstrated a special SunGold Kiwi
 Martini for the season - which Team Kalki and Team Pooja recreate
, with the help of 
​volunteers from the audience​
, in under 5 minutes! Both Kalki and Pooja were up for the challenge as soon as Chef Brar proposed it, and Zespri 
 extremely pleased to facilitate the same.​
​ ​

The correct way to eat a kiwifruit was also demonstrated - a 3 step process to cut, scoop and enjoy the fruit! The evening also saw this as a unique toast ​for one and all to celebrate the introduction of this glorious fruit. 
evening turned out to be fun filled with
​ food, drinks,​
​ and of course, delicious SunGold Kiwifruit​! 

​The Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit has made it's way to the Indian market and is also available
About Zespri: Z
 is committed to growing the world’s most delicious, healthy and nutritious Kiwifruit. Z
® Kiwifruit is grown, stored and transported to market using the safest and most efficient and sustainable processes possible
​. Zespri​
 is owned by 2,662 current or past Kiwifruit growers. 
 takes its responsibility seriously and works hard, every day, to improve the way it works and to deliver the best Kiwifruit in the world. Managing 30 percent of globally traded volume, Z
’s leadership has set the global benchmark for innovation, superior taste and nutrition, and sustainable practices.

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