Tuesday, 30 June 2015

‘We Kapoors pay for our own drinks!’ - Rishi Kapoor

Rishi Kapoor may have been in news for his starry attitude at times, even though when it comes to his producers, they swear by his professionalism. But it was while shooting for their film Wedding Pullav when the senior star contrary to his temperamental image pleasantly surprised Ranjan. A source reveals that post the film’s shoot in the evening, the two good friends would walk down to a nearby popular bar for a round of drinks, adding, “As is the unsaid rule in Bollywood, being the producer, naturally when the bill came, Ranjan picked up the tab. However, this did not go down too well with Kapoor, who insisted on paying for his own drinks. In fact, he even paid for Ranjan’s drink!” Talking about it, Ranjan says, “After the shoot, we did go for a round of drinks in the evening. And since I was the producer I picked up the tab. This upset Chintu who insisted on paying his own bill saying, “We Kapoors never drink producers’ scotch. We always pay for our drinks and never use producers’ money for it.” I was naturally surprised, because a producer is assumed to bepaying for everything for a star while on a shoot schedule, but Chintu never ceases to amaze. He’s a dream to work with for any producer. No wonder the Kapoors are known for their large-heartedness!”

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