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The trailer of "Kaun Kitney Paani Mein".

The film is directed by Nila Madhab Panda (Director of "I am Kalam"), starring Kunal Kapoor, Radhika Apte, Saurabh Shukla and Gulshan Grover.

“I am Kalam” director, Nila Madhab Panda brings you an social satire 

on the scarcity of water.

Funded by One Drop Foundation, Montreal and Produced by 

Eleeanora Images and One Drop Foundation, ‘Kaun Kitney Paani 

Mein’ is Nila Madhab Panda’s most ambitious film yet and it deals with 

the most critical challenge facing the 21st Century – WATER!  

Kaun Kitney Paani Mein

Synopsis :

A satire on water set in the rain shadow areas of Orissa where water 

becomes currency in our daily life.

A black comedy based between two villages fighting over a water 

reservoir since few decades.

The story revolves around how the King of the Higher village plots a 

way to get water from the lower village. He plans with his son to 

impregnate the daughter of the Sarpanch of the lower village so that 

they can get the water in return.

While this is being planned the boy actually falls in love with the girl 

leading to a whole new twist to the tale.


It’s a story of the two warring villages, Upri (The Exalted) and Bairi 

(The Outsiders) . Initially there existed only one village, known for its 

powerful kingdom, and great economic and social status. Bairi was 

created as a place of banishment for those who went against the king.

Thirty years back, a love between the 2-caste lead to the banishment 

of ‘the workers’ from Upri to the newly created village of Bairi. 

However, having amassed skills in water management and farming, 

the people of Bairi started afresh , saved water and prospered over 


This all changes when water becomes scarce in Upri and in 

abundance in Bairi thus reverses the balance of power between the 

two villages. 

Water becomes the new currency in Upri as it has none of it while Bairi 

has it all. This scarcity forces the king to use his only trump card and 

that is his son Raj ( The Prince )

He cons with his son to go and impregnate the daughter of the Bairi 

village Chieftain ( Sarpanch) so that he can demand for water when 

they come to beg for marriage.

What the king has‘nt factored is the twist it the plan. When Raj reaches 

Bairi things are not the way they seem and he plays his own cards.

The Film takes a satirical look against the backdrop of a traditional love 

story but all set in a realm where water is as good as money. The film 

resides in the genre of satire comedy, a rare-to-come-by treatment in 

Indian Cinema, with and even rarer plotline aimed at a positive social 


Produced with both scale and grandeur, with multi-location shoots in 

the heart of Orissa, with grand music, action and dollops of romance-

this film will tickle the heart and tackle the mind with a firm grip of the 

water scarcity issue.


Social Cinema is a misconstrued word when seen from a developing 

country’s perspective and the need to make impactful cinema is 

assumed to be one that has to show the depravity and pathos in the 

viewer’s face and make them squirm. This might be an option but I 

have always believed in making films that carry important universal 

messages without being cloaked in heavy philosophical preaching. 

Having grown up in east India (Odisha state) and having lived with 

water scarcity for three decades; this crisis is tangible and one I have 

grown up with. 

The only thing that kept my fellow villagers and me survive this crisis 

were jokes and stories and the imaginative world that seemed full of 

everything. Much like everywhere else, this escape from realism was 

an effective staple diet. 

So when I thought of this film, first thing I thought was to make it to 

laugh on a serious human issue, yet when the audience walk out they 

are laughing but in a awry kind of way and actually trying to deliberate 

of what they saw. This is a universal issue and very soon there will 

come a time, where power will lie with whoever has water. I’ve set this 

film in Odisha because this region is true to what the world is going to 

witness soon. And also because this satire, this ability to laugh at ones 

plight in the face of self-induced disaster is something I have learnt 

from the people of Odisha. This is what makes the treatment of ‘Kaun 

Kitne Paani Mein’ unique - The strong local favours and humour that 

will have the audience chuckling and yet shaking their head in thought 

at the cinemas.


Kunal Kapoor,  

Radhika Apte, 

Gulshan Grover 


Saurabh Shukla

A film by Nila Madhab Panda

Producer : One drop foundation and Nila Madhab Panda 

Music on: Zee Music 

Creative Producer :  Supratik Roy

Executive Producer Bidhu Bhushan Panda (Biju) 

Director of Photography Subhranshu Das 

Story Nila Madhab Panda & Deepak Venkateshan 

Screenplay  Deepak Venkateshan 

Dialogue Rahul Singh 

Chief Asst Director Anuj Tyagi  

Associate Director Santosh Kumar 

Editor Deepika Kalra Biren Jyoti Mohanty 

Production Designer Tariq Umar Khan 

Sync Sound & Sound designer Sameer Patra 

Publicity Consultant :  Protiqe Mojoomdar 


Krishna Beura – (Rangobati – Rangobati) 

Style Bhai – Subhi ( Ho Naa )

Bishakh- Kanish – (Chala Murari)

Costume Designer Barnali Rath 

Background Score Mangesh Dhakde 

Choreography  Arvind Thakur  

Visual promotions :  Chin2 sing (chin up films)

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