Monday, 31 August 2015

Here’s Why Saqib Made a Special Gesture for His Crew

Outdoor shoots for films often create special memories and build friendships amongst crew members, but it is unlikely for actors to develop similar ties of warmth with everyone. Saqib Saleem became a friend to every member of the crew of the Occulus remake during it’s London schedule. And members of the film’s unit share the surprise that he delivered! 

Saqib Saleem & Huma Qureshi, the only brother- sister star duo of Bollywood, star together in this Hollywood  remake. Shooting in London for the film, and spending a lot of time in the serene outskirts of the city, brought Saqib close to members of his film’s unit. A friendly guy , members of the unit also loved his company. 

On the last day of shoot, Saqib made it a point to write personalized letters of gratitude to each and every crewmember! Touched by this gesture, a source from the film’s London schedule says, “What Saqib did for us made us feel special. Film shoots are hard work but gestures like his letter make an outdoor schedule special.” 

We’d say Saqib’s personal touch can become a great precedent for Bollywood.

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