Thursday, 13 August 2015


Actor taking lead role in hilarious 8 episode series that will have you in splits
New York, NY (August 12th, 2015): It hasn’t been long since the launch of Rebtel’s Unlimited Calling Plan to India ( But to actor and stand-up comic, Vir Das, who is best known for his work in Delhi Belly and Goa Go gone, it seems like an eternity. What with Indian relatives and friends bombarding him with calls on trivial issues and refusing to hang up. Well, who the heck can blame them? With Rebtel offering Unlimited Calling to India for just $8 a month and the first month free, who wouldn’t want to talk for hours? But once a comic, always a comic.Vir is working with Rebtel to pave the way for comedy to meet reality by turning each of those annoying calls into a pricelessly fun (pun intended) video and is now fueling a potential wildfire  after sharing them with the world on Twitter. In fact, Vir’s 2nd video just went up today. Who wants to hear about what Grandpa thinks of Game of Thrones or their uncle’s strip club experience? Well now Vir has to, and Rebtel isn’t sorry about it.
“Working with Vir Das was a no-brainer. He is a very popular Indian actor and stand-up comic whose personality, movies, gigs, and large following are very much in sync with Rebtel’s identity as a fun, spirited, and rebellious brand,” states US Marketing Manager, Varun Atrey. “Vir also has a phenomenal Twitter presence and his witty, relatable videos are definitely going to strike a chord with our target audience, the unique rebels of the world. Thanks to Vir’s enthusiasm, we now have what I would call a well-rounded social media campaign”.
Vir will be putting a surprising spin on different themes surrounding international calling in 6 more comical videos over the coming weeks. So far he’s spoken to his grandfather, who allegedly has “all the time in the world” to learn the ins and outs of Game of Thrones. See the uproarious video at ( This week Vir gets a call from Harvard University and in the coming weeks you won’t believe what happens. He’ll receive calls from his niece to gossip about boys from her class, speak with his cousin who suddenly decides to get in touch with his Indian roots, and even get awkwardly personal questions from Grandma. Vir is even giving fans the opportunity to interact with him over Twitter on September 18th from 12 to-3pm. Fans can tweet at @TheVirDas explaining what their most awkward conversation topics/questions have been while on the phone with their parents. Vir will pick the best ones and provide amusing text replies telling individuals how they should respond during such tricky encounters.
To get all the scoop on Rebtel’s Unlimited calling plan to India, to learn more about VirDas’ collaboration with Rebtel, or connect for media purposes, email or call 1.877.841.7244. To download the app visit:
From its beginnings as a plucky start-up intent on disrupting the telecom industry to its present day status as one of the most successful digital international calling companies in the world, Rebtel has always remained true to its vision of providing user friendly, cheap, and high quality communication to immigrant communities across the globe. Rebtel was founded in 2006 and is a profitable company with a turnover of $95 million in 2014. Rebtel is headquartered in Stockholm with team members across the globe.

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