Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Anushka refuses to change!

Anushka Ranjan, who has been garnering accolades for her screen presence and gorgeous persona in the trailers of her debut film Wedding Pullav, is unperturbed that she already has a namesake in the industry, Anushka Sharma. And in an industry where people are known to change not only the spellings of their names as per numerology, but also full names, the newbie refuses to follow the norm. “So what if there’s already an Anushka in the industry, I will not change my identity because of that. She is a brilliant actress and there will be only one Anushka Sharma. I am yet to enter the ring, but when I do, there will be only one Anushka Ranjan. There is enough space for not only both of us, but also many others. We both are very different individuals and I am sure people can handle two Anushkas,” laughs the young debutante.

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