Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Bollywood Songs That Inspired Charles Sobhraj

Story of the infamous criminal in history, Charles Sobhraj, is widely popular in the world. Several books were written on him. Plenty of documentaries depicted his crimes. A lot of characters were adopted inspired from him. And more recently, Bollywood is releasing a movie based on his life.
Ever wondered what could have helped in shaping his colorful and notorious character? Could it have been his past? Or the books he read? What about the movies he watched? How about the culture he lived in? Well, wonder no more. We are pretty sure it was the Bollywood songs he listened to that got him all coocoo in his upper apartment. Here are few songs that really changed his life.

Upon arriving in Bombay in 1970
This classic Bachchan song would have been the intro to most Nomads who entered the city for some quick buck making stint
When he partied in Bombay
Nobody would have missed this Killer dance number from the past. And this must have been no exception for this badass murder too.

When he formed his clan
This particular track is the culprit that’s always present in the making of big ideas and decisions.
When anxiety hit him and he was tempted to commit crime
The song makes everyone crazy and one can actually imagine Charles getting drunk and do the Nagin dance.
When he got away with his crimes
As an expert in escaping earning the nickname ‘Serpent’ this murderer must be humming this song throughout his entire life.
After his wife left him:
The song that gets most of us hate the word LOVE must have also pinched Charles Sobhraj.
Finally when he felt unstoppable and on Top of the world
This track needs no explaination. Every conman has this song as a ringtone on his phone

Watch the latest song from the movie Main Aur Charles that is inspired from Charles Sobhraj’s real life

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