Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Less Noise & Fire - Anushka Campaigns for Diwali on a ‘Pawsitive’ Note

Anushka Sharma loves animals. She spends quality time with her pet dog, Dude, whenever she can. She has consistently supported worthwhile causes that protect rights of these mute creatures, including a recent initiative to prevent culling of stray dogs in Kerala. In sync with this cause, as Diwali festivities set in with bright lights & fire crackers, Anushka is encouraging everyone to celebrate the festival of lights on a PAWsitive note.

Through an innovative social media campaign, she will generate awareness & sensitize people towards reduction of noise and fire crackers for the sake of animals.

Around Diwali, fire crackers generate massive noise pollution. It’s a proven fact that in Indian cities, noise pollution levels go up by a stupendous 80 to 100 per cent around Diwali. Bursting crackers is an accepted pastime everywhere. But the sound created by these crackers scares animals & disturbs their everyday life patterns.

Ahead of Diwali, Anushka will launch an extensive social media campaign through facebook & twitter to encourage people to reduce use of crackers, especially in residential areas. Less crackers also mean reduced levels of noise pollution.

In her words, “Animals are our best friends. They make me laugh & I share a personal bond with them. Their welfare is one cause that’s close to my heart & I will keep taking up initiatives that makes us care for them too. When somene bursts fire crackers during Diwali, they don’t think of how it affects animals or birds. With ‘Pawsitive’ I hope I can inspire some of us to care about them, and avoid making a lot of noise. Diwali is a festival of lights & happiness, and can also be celebrated with your family in a safe & healthy manner.”

The ‘Paw’sitive’ initiative is an innovative social media campaign and is bound to generate interest amongst the youth & children. Anushka’s active support for it helps amplifying it’s message. And her love for animals goes on to benefit these meek creatures in the long run.


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