Sunday, 8 November 2015

"I Will Not Return My National Award" says Filmmaker Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan

While a number of writers, filmmakers, historians and scientists have returned their national honours to protest against recent incidents like the Dadri lynching, beef row and ink attacks recently. Renowned  filmmaker Sanjay Puransingh Chauhan   however refuses  to join the protest in the country and says  that he would not return his National Award. 

The filmmaker who won  the  National Award for his  internationally acclaimed film Lahore in 2009  says that the award is  love and blessings of hundreds and crores of people of  India and in no situation he will return the awards as the others have done.  "It is nations one of the highest honours  and dream for any filmmaker and it motivates our enthusiasm to work as a filmmaker  with the Zeal and creativity" says the Lahore director.  

The filmmaker feels that  it is not necessary for every film to do commercially well and be a hit. " Films  may also be  critically acclaimed and win a National award and declared as a hit  amongst the people of India and that what matters and not just the commercial aspect always" he adds.

The writer director  says that National Awards are not political awards or does not bear any political inclination . "They are not any party  or individual driven. Any national award  is he love and affection of people of India bestowed in the form of an  award by the Government. So all those returning the award back are  actually disgracing the feelings values and affection of Indians and  it's a shame"  says Chauhan. 

He goes on to add further in angst,  what are we trying to show as Indians? what would the people throughout the world think of such reactions. Your Government  conferred  you with the  National Award with all the trust in your capabilities but for you it might be just an award. But what if you had an Academy Award or some International Award  and being provoked by few political  elements you were to return the same? My question is simple  would surrender that too. As a saying goes in hindi "Ghar Ki Murgi Dal Barabar."  All those  people dishonouring the National Award  must realise that the National Award might be least valuable for them but all those who make cinema from the core of their hearts and make the films for the people  of India and not only just commercial viability. The National  Award was is and will  always be above any Filmfare, Stardust or even an Oscar as we are Indians and nothing could be a better feeling than being honoured for your work by your own people and Government than going gaga over few international or Private awards. I am proud of my people,  my nation  and our Government and thank them for trusting my capabilities. It gives me more  strength as an Indian and not just a film maker" he states. 

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