Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ranveer Singh accepts he doesn't understand fashion and style

1)    “The younger bunch of actors in the Bollywood industry promote each other’s movies and performance,” says Ranveer Singh when asked about Tamasha
Ranveer Singh feels that its actually fallacy that the film industry is extremely competitive and cut throat. “It’s actually chilled out. It may have been in past generations. I don’t know since I wasn’t around in the industry but I think the newer lot is not that competitive everybody is doing their own thing. I would say all that I have worked with are a part of my life. They’re all my friends – Kriti, Sonakshi, PC, Vikram, Zoya, Deepika, Manish, Sanjay Sir, Bhansali. These people are so dear to me. As a matter of fact, we actually promote each other’s films like I just congratulated Ranbir on his performance in ‘Tamasha’ and promoted his film and vice versa,” he shares with Garima Kumar, host of Yaar Mera Superstar on Zoom.
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2)      Ranveer Singh accepts he doesn’t understand fashion and style
Ranveer Singh who has always been in the news for his funky style of dressing accepts that he does not understand style and glamour. He shares with Garima Kumar on Zoom’s Yaar Mera Superstar “I wear whatever my heart likes; I blurt out whatever my heart wants to say; I do whatever my heart feels like. Now how people interpret it…whether its stylish or fashionable is not something that I have ever really understood. I have a dozen suits. I just pick up whatever I like and get ready in 5 minutes. That’s all there is to it!”   
About the show, Yaar Mera Superstar
Fans of Bollywood stars have seen their favourite celebrities walk the red carpet, pose on glossy magazines and, of course, larger than life on massive hoarding and on the silver screen, but now, ZOOM, is bringing its viewers a chat show which will present these Bollywood stars in a never-seen-before cool, fun and nautanki avatars. Viewers will watch as Garima makes their favourite superstars do the things one can do only with one’s closest friends – playing with SRK’s dimples, riding piggyback with Deepika Padukone, an auto ride with Varun, working out with Alia, and lungi dancing with Ranveer. Through the show, Garima will present the warm, human and very personal aspects of the stars, making them ‘spill the beans’ about their professional and personal lives in a candid, fun and totally unpredictable interactive format. The show will air every Tuesday at 7.30 pm on Zoom.

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