Monday, 30 May 2016

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Mumbai, 2016 May XXVIII: This summer, trade your intense jewellery for modern day simplicity with as it introduces new jewellery collection of minimalistic inspired assortments., an online portal for diamond jewellery from the house of Virani Group brings in a comprehensive collection of minimalistic jewellery with a combination of diamond pieces like rings, pendants and earrings.  
Tapping into a more minimalist vibe, the exquisite collection is inspired by the unfussiness aspects and subtle nuances of the season as visualized by a fashion conscious modern woman. Embellished with delicate diamonds, the collection is crafted in white, rose and yellow gold in a new, neat, simple and modern way, something fun and elegant but also for everyday.  Using only the finest quality and ethically soured diamonds, this collection is artistically crafted to woo women, making them the ultimate steal.

Made for the chic Indian women who consider jewellery to be an extension of their personality, the overall design has a note of note of old spirit with a tremendous ‘now’ appeal. Gone are the days of over doing your bridal attire with heavy jewellery. If you are a summer bride, look without breaking into a sweat, let your jewellery shine by keeping it relatively simple. Adding a innocence and traditional appeal to the occasions, minimalistic jewellery can be teamed up with just not an Indian attire but a western dress as well.

Appearing in standout and delicate versions of the hottest trends, the collection is tastefully crafted through modular techniques, layering, and unique cuts.  Traditional, classic and brilliantly beautiful, each piece is unique in its intricacy yet refined in its romantic theme.
Displaying a fine ensemble of inimitable designs, the collection offers best in class diamonds and designs that are shaped to mesmerize the contemporary modern woman.

Ignite your love this season
Hearts on Fire Collection, Virani gems, jewellery,
With the Hearts on Fire Collection by Virani
Mumbai, 2016 May XXVII: This season, make your special ones feel extraordinary by giving them something just as beautiful as them., an online portal for diamond jewellery from the House of Virani Group brings in a stunning collection of jewellery intricately designed rings, pendants and earrings and diamond ensemble.  
A symbol of love and commitment, Hearts on Fire Collection represents eternal trust and hopefulness. The pieces are both elegant and desirable in a fresh and modern style. Embellished with delicate diamonds, which are considered to be prestigious, status and class defining jewel, the collection is crafted in white, rose red and yellow gold in a new, simple and modern way. The collection includes jewelry pieces that are fun and elegant for everyday fashion.  The limited edition pieces are all set to remind you of your special moment, each day of your life.

Using the finest quality and ethically soured diamonds, this collection is artistically crafted to make your special one stand out. The collection is made for the couples who like to celebrate their love and affection for each other without waiting for special occasions.

The brand has gone to great lengths to provide their customers with unique styles exemplifying a step up from the ordinary to the extraordinary, not only in assortment, but also in quality and workmanship. Displaying a fine ensemble his collection extends beyond just Bridal; it also features a wide array of diamond fashion and diamond basics.
Launched in 2016 by young entrepreneurs, introduces an innovative way of buying classy yet affordable diamond jewellery online. The new entrant offers timeless collections of creative pre-made designs to its stakeholder allowing complete freedom to customize and create unique diamond jewellery pieces.
The company has a direct access to diamond cutting and polishing factory as well as jewellery designers and jewellery manufacturing facilities though a diverse network of associate companies across the globe. The parent firm B. Virani & Co. Is a private diamond cutting and polishing firm whose operation span the globe. With a robust network spanning across India and Canada along with superior manufacturing capability and state-of-the-art infrastructure the diamond conglomerate has been delivering maximum value to both their business partners and end customers. With a lineage of 50 years and three generations of industry experience, VIRANI focuses on craftsmanship, quality and best-in-class products.
Creators of an impeccable collection to suit every taste, VIRANI with changing times and varying expectations of consumers comes in as an e-tailer with the vision. It enables the consumers to experience the power of online jewellery shopping with a difference and break the myths attached to online diamond and jewellery shopping. VIRANI’s unique demand driven business model helps save customers up to 20-30% over retail prices.
With an aim to revolutionize the online jewellery shopping experience aims to offer customers the luxury to create customized bespoke items at exceptionally affordable prices thus making lack of choices and budget no more a constraint. Since transparency holds key, all jewellery pieces purchased from VIRANI come with certificate of authenticity from leading gemological institutes as well as with a price breakdown of how much customers paid for the diamonds, metal and making chargers. At VIRANI customers can enjoy luxurious shopping experience from the comfort of their homes and benefit from various promotional offers, 30 Day Money Back Policy, and Lifetime Exchange offers.
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