Wednesday, 15 June 2016

This is what Raj Saab Thackeray received on his birthday!

MNS Leader Raj Thackeray received, his own portrait worth Crores, in the form of unique nail art presented by The Masterpiece. The picture for the portrait was selected by his wife Ms. Sharmila Thackeray.

On the occasion of Raj Saheb's birthday today, The Masterpiece gifted a very thoughtful though a unique art piece done by the only Indian Nail Artist Wajid Khan at his residence. 

While expressing their ecstasy Mr. Jitu Jadeja & Ms. Jaishree Mistry, Co-founders of The Masterpiece said "We are glad to have started our success journey with Mr. Raj Thackeray.  As we said it's just the start and The Masterpiece is here to show you all a lot of innovation in the art industry"

The Masterpiece was formed to introduce a platform for those artists in India who has different skills to showcase their talent. This is like a launchpad to showcase their art. The Masterpiece has a vision to bring such artists spanning the length and the breadth of the country in the forefront, who do not have the means to reach out to the world to exhibit their mind boggling, out-of -the-box and innovative art. 

About NAIL ART | It's just hammered nails when one comes to think of it, but depicting something as delicate as human expression created with crude nails is quite challenging. One nail follows another and hundreds and thousands more, each nailed to perfection with enduring and strenuous efforts giving birth to the most amazing 3-Dimensional Nail Art Portrait brimming with personified human expression.

About Artist | Wajid Khan is a name to reckon with when it comes to 3d nail art installations. Having mastered the art of hammering iron nails into a hard acrylic/PVC foam sheet, Wazid Khan has created unimaginable portraits or abstracts with fine details of facial expressions of the object. Wajid Khan- an Indian by birth, a painter, inventor, sculptor, artist, dreamer and a designer par excellence made his first nail art in year 2005 and took around 3 years to complete it. As it's rightly said, practice makes a man perfect- Wajid now completes a portrait in less than 6 months giving each portrait a unique masterpiece stroke of excellence. Wajid gives a 3d effect by using around 1-1.5 lakh iron nails for each portrait. So far he has created very attractive and inspiring portraits of Dhirubhai Ambani, Mahatama Gandhi, Sai Baba, Mother Mary, a horse, an Islamic calligraphy and Prime Minister and Vice President of United Arab Emirates Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

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