Friday, 9 September 2016

Ananya Birla launches luxury e-commerce platform- CuroCarte


Entrepreneur, Ananya Birla, is all set to launch her second venture- CuroCarte. It is a global e- commerce platform that provides rare, handmade, high quality, high end, luxury products, curated currently from 9 countries. The portal is an eclectic mix of design, beauty and lifestyle. The brand will be presenting 1500 products across 70 categories and will continue to grow. With the success of Ananya’s first venture- Svatantra Microfinance- her journey continues, consolidating her position in the startup ecosystem. CuroCarte was conceptualized by Ananya whilst on one of her travels. She envisioned that new age design put together with handmade talent can create magic. It will run on an inventory based model creating a space for itself in the premium sector. CuroCarte focuses on high quality. They have tied up with a renowned international laboratory which tests every product before the production starts.

Commenting on the new venture, Ananya Birla, Founder and CEO, CuroCarte said, “Through the brand, we aim to revolutionize the e-commerce space by bringing inaccessible aesthetically appealing products from all around the world to the people in India and also to a global audience. The charm of CuroCarte lies in the fact that we curate these products directly from the makers themselves from all around the world.” We are trying to organize the unorganized market through technology.

An alumnus of the University of Oxford, Ananya loves challenge and her breakthrough ideas coupled with perseverance make for a thought leader of this generation. Starting out at the age of 17 as an entrepreneur, her experience in the realm is very impressive. Verve, Top most Powerful woman in India and Miss Vogue’s list of ’28 geniuses under 28’ are amongst her many accolades.

“It’s about bringing out what is there, but not seen before. There is so much love that goes into making products by hand, and that positivity comes through in each of our products,” Ananya further added commenting beyond just the business model of the new venture.
Both Ananya (CEO) and Kanupriya (COO) share the same vision, “Our aim is to bring different parts of the world together and provide products which will be an expression of the customer's lifestyle, symbol of their remarkable taste and their individuality.”
About us
We started our journey as CuroCarte in 2015, with passionate and innovative change makers at the helm. Being a young start-up, our feet are firmly planted in India, while our sights are set on becoming a global brand. We are pioneers in curating and designing luxurious, premium, and inimitable products made by hand from all over the world.
CuroCarte is on a quest. We are unveiling the unseen wonders of the world by tracking down uber-artists, and collaborating with them to design and introduce a new kind of luxury. In this process, CuroCarte is using technology to not only bring order to the un-organized sector but to also make the rare handmade products accessible for the whole world online. In a time where everything is machine made, we support the worldwide ‘Maker Revolution’ that is spreading the gospel of creating with our own hands. CuroCarte is a first-of-its-kind initiative, performing design interventions on rare crafts and adding value by making them suitable for our customer’s elegant taste and contemporary lifestyle.
To redefine luxury by uncovering rare and hand-touched finest quality products that carry the promise of treasure. To pioneer a revolutionary innovation in design and to spread joy to our customers through our unique handmade products imbued with love.
To awaken the world to the existence of high-end luxury craftsmanship by blending utility and aesthetics seamlessly. To foster an encouraging work culture for our people and involve in collaborative relationships with quintessential makers and thus, providing quality design to our customers.

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