Sunday, 2 October 2016

Digibooster launched: It's time for a new platform to buy and sell innovative content

We are finally in the digital age, where information is just a single click away and brick and mortar businesses are giving way to online stores reaching across boundaries of geography and even time.
As the way of doing business changes across industries, is it not time for media and entertainment professionals, looking to buy or sell content to also follow suit?
Digibooster is one such new content market that facilitates ease of transactions between production houses and companies and individuals looking to buy innovative video content. 

Here, all forms of video content including films, TV series, Web Series, Animation etc can be showcased and are available for viewing by representatives of verified companies. Thus, in the digital world, Digibooster is the latest go-to place for IP owners and Potential Buyers to meet and explore opportunities.

Says Nandini Mansingka, co-founder of Digibooster, "The advantages offered by  platform such as this are several. For starters, the content owners have full control and flexibility regarding the information they share and they get to decide which buyers to engage in a discussion with at their own discretion. The buyers benefit as they are free to contact the sellers directly without any pressure for 'window shopping.' We hope that content creators as well as buyers get onto Digibooster enthusiastically. Innovative content is the need of the hour."  The greatest advantage of course is that while Digibooster is based out of Mumbai, India’s financial hub, the focus is on developing global business. Moreover, the usual time constraints of ‘work place hours’ don’t apply and Digibooster is open 24x7, 365 days, as opposed to physical markets like MIPCOM, FILMART and Cannes Film Market.

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