Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Hard Rock Cafe sets foot into 2017 with its scrumptious ‘Roc-B-Que’ festival

~ Fiery BBQ menu, kickass Mojitos and the best of music to crackle up New Year 2017~
Mumbai, 24th January, 2017: Hard Rock Cafe has set 2017 rolling with its newest offering! After having enthralled party buffs with the successful masquerade party on New Year’s Eve, the brand is set to crackle the season with its ‘Roc – B – Que’ festival.  With a tantalizing menu and a stellar music line up, Hard Rock Cafe will serve the best of grills till the 31st of January, 2016. The waft of charred barbecue smoke paired with perfectly blended Mojitos, zesty conversations and a roster of high octane live gigs, will set the ideal mood to beat the winter chills at Hard Rock Cafe outlets across India.
The menu comprises an assortment of scrumptious fiery skewers such as Charred Hawaian Veg Skewers, Carolina Style BBQ Chicken Skewers and 7 Spiced Alfam Arabic Grilled Chicken Skewers among other vegetarian grills. The other delicacies featuring on the slate will be Spicy Texas Wings, Spicy Charred Cajun Chicken Drumstick, Smoky Chicken Slider and Smoked Chipotle BBQ Chicken Burger. Tippling concoctions like Magical Mystery, Cranberry and Malta Orange and The Legend will pose a refreshing accompaniment with the barbecue specials.
“We have kick - started the New Year with undisputed zest! We have placed some never done before styles on the F&B offering with Roc – B – Que being one of them. Also, as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary this year, we have opened doors to various other genre of entertainment to reach out to millennial. As a destination that celebrates music and lifestyle, we thought that this was the perfect season to host some of the most exciting live gigs and tribute nights. Barbeque, Mojitos and a staggering line-up; Hard Rock Cafe is already looking forward to a ‘rocking’ 2017!” commented Jay Singh, Co-founder and Executive Director, JSM Corporation.
Gigs by bone - tickling Comedians, thrilling tribute nights and a lot more brought all under one roof at Hard Rock Cafe!

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