Wednesday, 19 July 2017

MANJHA Review ***

The film has a take on parenting and it proves that there are risks involved in parenting where both you and your children are vulnerable to get hurt. Being too lenient and too strict is not going to work out same like kite thread, manjha,  and balance has to be maintained in upbringing of children. From the first frame the film creates interest and sustains it for most part of the film. The best part about the film is the thrill and the story keeps us thinking what the characters are upto.
Showing the picturesque location of Lonavala and its surroundings, the film tells the story of urban characters. Mostly the film focuses on three characters Samidha (Ashwini Bhave), her son Jaideep (Rohit Phalke) and his school friend Vikram aka Vicky (Sumedh Mudgalkar. When the film starts, Jaideep is sorta shy characters who talks less and is more of a timid guy. Samidha is a caring mother who oversees his life because Jaideep has gone through a troubled past along with her that is why they have come to settle in Lonavala. But things change soon when extrovert  Vikram befriends Jaideep and soon Jaideep starts getting active. Jaideep's transformation not only happens in terms of his talking and being happy but Vikram corrupts his mind and Jaideep is on verge of becoming a bad guy that is forced on him by Vikram.  But the events take sharp turn and Samidha has to support her son Jaideep to get him back on right track. The battle of good and bad continues till the end.
There is only one song in the film nearing the climax that takes the story forward. Cinematography and apt acting are the strengths of the movie. Ashwini Bhave has portrayed her character beautifully while as the Rohit and Sumedh also have done justice. There are few awkward moments in the film though in terms of dialogue where Vikram gives description of killing an animal and raping a girl. The film increases our expectations from start to end but the culmination is shown too quick that may prove to be a letdown. Overall the movie is well made and is sure to be a hit on account of its promotion and word of mouth.

Manjha – Cast and Crew

Story, Screenplay, Direction: Jatin Wagle

Ashvini Bhave - Samidha
Sumedh Mudgalkar – Vicky
Rohit Phalke - Jaydeep
Apoorva Arora – Maya
Shivani Tanksale – Ashvini Bhave’s friend Veena
Mohan Kapur – Ashvini Bhave’s friend Saurabh
Denzil Smith - School Principle Mr. Smith

Presenters: Nittin Keni, Manish Vasisht (MFDC)
Producers: Trilok Malhotra, KR Harish (India Stories)
Dialogues: Upendra Sidhaye
Director of Photography: Fasahat Khan  
Editor: Charu Shree Roy 
Sound Designer: Baylon Fonseca  
Re-Recording Mixer: Alok De (Fiesta)
Production Designer: Priten Patil  
Lyrics: Mangesh Kangane
Music Composers: Shail-Pritesh
Original Background Score: Anurag Saikia
Visual Promotions: Roop
Action Director: Pradyumna Kumar Swain (PK)
Choreographer: Longinus Fernandes
Costume Designer: Nakshatra Dewadikar
Make- Up: Pradeep Pemgirikar
Location Sound: Suraj Jaisingh
D.I & VFX: Prime Focus Ltd
D.I Colourist: Nilesh Sawant
VFX Supervisor: Susheel Peris
Publicity Designer: Chaitanya Sant (Mantra SDS)
Marketing & PR: Dreamers PR & Marketing LLP
Associate Director: Omkar Joshi
Head – Post Production: Sharang Pange
Executive Producer: Surendra Pratap Singh / Umang Agarwal
Production Manager: Dinesh Yadav


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