Tuesday, 31 July 2018

JSW Group signs MoU with Speaking Tiger Publishers and Indian Novels Collective to take Indian literature to the world

MUMBAI – JULY 29, 2018: JSW Group is partnering Indian Novels Collective and Speaking Tiger Publishing Private Limited to embark upon a unique journey to take Indian literature to the world. Indian Novels Collective is a voluntary network of individuals, including Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Mrs. Sangita Jindal, Mrs. Anuradha Parikh and Mrs. Amrita Somaiya, with the shared vision of bringing out world class translations of Indian literary works and building community of readers through readings, conversations and online promotions. According to the Agreement, Indian Novels Collective will undertake a shortlisting process to identify literature works in various regional languages to be taken up for preservation and promotion. Based on the shortlist, the three parties to this agreement will mutually finalize titles for translation, design and marketing. The first four shortlisted books to be translated in English include classics like Karmelin by Damodar Mauzo (Konkani), Padma Nadir Manji by Manik Bandopadyay (Bengali), Ranangan by Vishram Bedekar (Marathi) and One of Qurratulain Hyder’s Urdu Novel.

Commenting on the MOU, Mrs Sangita Jindal, Chairperson – JSW Foundation said, “India has a bounty of regional literature There are eminent Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Malayali writers who have given us literary masterpieces, but few readers know them beyond the geographical boundaries of their states or our country. Through this unique effort, JSW Group reaffirms its commitment to conserving India's rich cultural and literary heritage. By partnering with credible organisations like Indian Novels Collective and Speaking Tiger, our effort is to create a platform to bring regional literature into the cultural mainstream of the country. Through our collective efforts we will be able to bring classics of non-English Indian literature to English readers across the world."

Ravi Singh of Speaking Tiger says "Speaking Tiger is delighted to be associated with this wonderful and necessary project initiated by the JSW Group and the Indian Novels Collective. India has a vast treasure of books that tell unforgettable stories, but only a few of these are being read outside the languages in which they were written. As publishers nothing excites us more than bringing great literature to newer readers."

According to Dr. Ashwani Kumar of Indian Novels Collective, “The collective’s open network has been connecting readers to a wealth of Indian literature, getting those who have shied away from non-English literature to cafes, cultural centres and literary festivals across the world, to participate in this dialogue. This unique collaboration will bridge the gap between English readers and India’s regional literature classics and build reader communities to celebrate Indian storytelling.”

To begin with, Indian Novels Collective will identify 10 regional literary masterpieces for translation. Speaking Tiger will publish, market and distribute these titles across India with mutual support from Indian Novels Collective. The format and series design for all shortlisted titles will be uniform and decided mutually by the parties to this MoU. Indian Novels Collective will use its share of profits from this MoU to support future translations.

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