Saturday, 19 January 2019


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Jet Airways, India’s full-service, premier international airline, achieved yet another milestone by securing a perfect product performance score of 7/7 as per the figures released by, one of the world’s leading airline safety and product rating review websites. The airline topped the ‘product’ category list in the full-service category and was the only airline to receive full score across all product parameters amongst all its peers in the Indian aviation industry.

The rating system is rated from one to seven stars on product – with seven being the highest ranking. The 7-star assessment criteria for full service airlines includes seat pitch, in-flight entertainment, website information, beds, meals, blankets and pillows, and Editor’s Discretionary which draw on their collective 150 years plus experience to evaluate airlines based on personal experience and/or extensive industry knowledge to award the final star.

The product forms the core of Jet Airways’ business and is a competitive differentiator across the industry, as the quality of the guests’ experience impacts their future patronage of the airline. As a result, Jet Airways constantly innovates to ensure it maintains the gold standard of product excellence in the aviation industry. The recent product rating is a testament of the airline’s unflinching commitment towards its guests via its ‘Guest First’ philosophy, wherein guests and their interests form the epicentre of every initiative undertaken by the airline.

In addition to scoring a perfect 7 on the ‘Product’ rating, Jet Airways scored 6/7 on ‘Safety’, which is on par with other Indian airlines and the highest rating received for 2018., launched in June 2013, rates the safety and in-flight product of more than 400 airlines and is used by passengers from over 230 countries becoming the industry standard for safety and product rating.


·         The 7-star assessment criteria for full service airlines is

·         The 5-star assessment criteria for low cost airline is

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